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Modi again 2019 #namo

Friday, May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

Modi again 2019 #namo

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                 namo back in lok sabha elections

With the loksabha election results, Narendra Modi ji has returned with a grand entry. This time his victory is much more greater and gigantic than the 2014 lok sabha elections. 

BJP alliance has completely vanished the UPA alliance and everywhere we can just hear modi-modi and modi is back now with a grand victory in lok sabha elections 2019.

The congress president Rahul Gandhi also congratulated modi while accepting in defeat in this lok sabha elections result 2019. 

We have seen the live results 2019 and we are updating you with this latest post. BJP ahead in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnatka, Madhya Pradesh. The Modi wave is  back and this modi wave has taken each and every Indian with it.

NDA- 333


In Bihar, UP BJP is leading, SP- BSP leading with 8 seats and Congress leading with 1 seat. A  big clash can be seen between Rahul Gandhi and Smriti, Giriraj Singh is leading, Ravi Kishan, Gautam Gambhir , Modi , Amit Shah, Sonia Gandhi can be seen leading in some regions. 

In Karnataka, Maharshtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, BJP is leading whereas Congress is leading in Kerela. Sanjay Nirupam is lagging and Rahul Gandhi is lagging from Amethi. Modi- Amit Shah, Smriti Irani leading, Sadhvi Pragya leading, Urmila lagging and Rajnath singh is leading.

This day is going to be of most important  in all the lives of the Indians. This is a special day for the biggest democratic country like India. Today BJP has recorded a historic win in the lok sabha election results 2019.

 In 2014, the party has earned 282 lok sabha seats and a complete postive you can see when Modi ji has earned more than 300 seats in the elctions. However it is surprising to note that Rahul Gandhi has lost in Amethi and Amethi is won by Smriti Irani.

On this grand and historic win, the world congratulate Narendra Modi. As soon as the news flooded with the win of BJP, Modi ji started getting congratulation messages for his victory. The first was the preimiers of Israel, Russia, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, United States, Italy, Bangladesh and also Pak PM Imran Khan congratulated Modi on Twitter.

The BJP has stunned the complete opposition party. This comeback of modi wave and modi ji shows that still Indians have faith and respect for modi ji. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April 10, 2019

Happy Navratri Status Wishes 2019

Navratri is one of the most religious festival celebrated in India. It has started from 6th April 2019. It is believed that worshipping goddess in these days makes you spiritually strong and morally high. 


navratri status 2019  has started from 6th april and are ending on the 14th april 2019. navratri status ashtmi is falling on 13th april and navratri status 2019 navmi is falling on 14th April. 

At the same time, people are sharing navratri status Wishes to their friends, relatives and family members. They are sharing Happy Navratri Best Wishes 2019 using images, videos and status.So i am sharing some awesome navratri status wishes and navratri status videos to share with your family and friends.

Navratri status for whatsapp

     Garaj uthe ye gagan sara
     Samundra chodhe apna kinara
     Hil jaye jahan saara 
     Jab goonje Mata Rani Ka Jaikara-           navratri status


    Lal rang ki chunri se saja 
    mata ka darbar 
    harshit hua sansar
    Nanhe nanhe kadmo se,
    Ma aae apke dwar
    Mubarak ho apko 
    navratri ka tyharr.-  navratri


   Laxmi mata ka haath ho
   Saraswati mata aapke saath ho
   Ganesh ji ka niwaas ho
   aur maa durga k aashirwad se
   apke jeeevan m prakash hi prakash        ho! -navratri status 


   Pug pug maa durga ka ashirwad mile
   aapka parivar khusio se khile
   Kabhi na ho dukho ka samna,  
  ap sabko navrati ki shubhkamna!-        navratri status 


    Jinke man me Mata Rani ka haath h 
    bhagya me unke vaikund dham h
   unke charno me jisne jeevan vaar          diya
   sansar m uska kalyan h! 
   -navratri status 


    Maala se moti tum toda na karo!
    dharam se muh tum moda na karo
    bahut keetmti h Jai Mata Ka Naam
    Mata rani ki jai bolna tum kabhi             choda na karo! -navratri status 


    Sherowali mata ke darbaar m 
    dukh dard mitaye jaate hain
    Jo bhi dar par aate hain, 
    sharan me laaye jaate hain!
    Jai Mata Di- navratri status 

Hope you liked all the above navratri status wishes. Comment jai mata di if you liked the post and navratri status wishes. 
Thank you

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April 09, 2019

How to install Google Android Q in Google Pixel 3

Welcome to the Tech-desk of my blog techy-vikas. This is going to be a little technical post. The update lovers and android os lovers can expect a lot from this post.

Google's new Android Q operating system has been rolled out for all the users. For now this operating system has been presented in the beta version but soon they will launch a full-fledged operating system.

The Google Pixel devices were the first to get this update. The Pixel devices like Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL were the first smartphones to get this latest update of the new operating system. If you are an existing user of Google Pixel smartphones ,then you can also update your device and get Android Q operating system.

But remember to back up your data before updating your Pixel device. In this post, you will learn how to download and install the new operating system Android Q on your Pixel device. This post contain how to update the Android Q beta version.

1. First, the users have to reach the google.com/android/beta. There the users have to enroll for the Android beta program. 

2. Second, The users will get a notification after successful enrollment. The users will get a message stating " Your system is ready for the update".

3. After that you can install the update. Then after installing reset your smartphone. 

4. This install and reset will bring the brand new operating system Android Q. 

5. Incase, if you want to move back to your previous operating system, then there is option for the same. For this go to the beta website using the above link and then choose the opt out option.

6. After this, you will get a new update within 24 hours of choosing the opt out option. 

7. Install that new update and then reset your device to move back to your previous operating system.

So these seven steps can help you to update the new operating system Android Q on your phone and there is also the option to move back to your previous operating system. 
The  beta version of this new operating system has been rolled out as a official beta version for Android Q.The vice-president of Google mentioned the new features of Android Q to the other Android developers on his blog.

More than that this new operating system Android Q focuses more on improving privacy and security. The Android developers of Google are adding more features in Android Q Iike more 3D filters in depth camera mode, more customised bokeh features etc. Also the other applications will take less time to load on the device if this new operating system is installed on your smartphone.

Hope this tutorial was fun and intersting for you. If you want to join in my Tech Desk of Techy-Vikas, comment your mobile number in the comment section.

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

April 07, 2019

Latest OS- Google Android Q and Android 10

Welcome to the Tech-desk of my blog techy-vikas. This is going to be a little technical post. The update lovers and android os lovers can expect a lot from this post.


Google has announed to roll out its latest operating system Android Q this year. You can expect a lot of new different and productive features from Android Q. More over it has been declared that this new Android Q has 6 more different features as compared to the previous Android Pie. 

According to the official reports, Android 10 or Android Q can be rolled out in the developer's conference 2019.  Although there is not so much information but as per the media reports, this new operating system supports 6 new features.

Support of foldable phones
All the major tech-giants like Samsung, Huawei and many other big companies are trying very hard to make foldable smartphones. This new operating system is going to be presented with the support of the foldable phones. This great feature was showcased by the David Book in the foldable Samsung smartphone. 

Dark Mode
There are chances that you may have used application which support the feature of dark mode. Infact, there are many applicationsin the play store which support this feature.Although not much official declarations are made regarding this feature, but google has given a hint about it. Google has given this feature support in its many applications like Youtube etc. 

This is the hint on the basis of  which it has claimed that the new Android 10 or Android Q will be loaded with this feature.

Picture in Picture Mode
In the new operating system Android !0 OR Android Q, picture in picture mode can also be given. This feature enbles you to do multiple tasks on a single screen. Like, you can work on two different windows with an ease. Like watching a video in one application, you can work in another app at the same time. 

Face Recognition
Mostly, all the smartphones launching at this time have features like Face Recognition. But Google is going to support this feature natively, in this new operating system. This means that the feature csn be used in a more convenient way. 

To install this feature, the user needs to provide access to all the  personal data. This feature enables the feature to read all the sensitive and personal data of the user.This is going to be a productive one but you have to wait till Android Q is launched.

App Downgrade Feature
Android Q can also be loaded with  the new app downgrade feature. It is the opposite of  upgrade. This feature enables you to download the previous version of any application. This is going to be first ever operating system that will support the featuere of App Downgrade. No other smartphone has this feature in any ofthe existing operating system

Hope you liked this secret information. Soon this is going to be public. Before that I shared it with all my readers.


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Saturday, April 6, 2019

April 06, 2019

Buy only these Power Banks-Cheap,High battery life and high quality

Welcome friends, to my blog techy-vikas. To the best of my knowledge, I am sharing my exeperience with the best and powerful power bank in India. 


Friends, if you are going to buy a power bank, then this article is only for you. Like if you have a seriously important task and your battery level is 5% then imagine how you are going to manage.

There are tons of power banks available in the market. Like there are Mi Power Banks, Asus Zenpower bank, oneplus , Huawei Power Banks but how to find the best power bank that can help you in your hard times with your phone battery.

So at that time a strong and powerful Power Bank can become a life saver for you. So in this post, you will learn about a special Power Bank which is very effective in your tough times with the battery. These are best and the cheapest Power banks you can get. So friends, if you are thinking to buy a Power Bank, then you must purchase a Mi Power Bank. 

Most probably, you will be searching a less cost and high quality Power Bank. So a Mi Power Bank will stand upto all of your  expectations. All the parameters like a good battery life, less price, and high quality enhances the standard of Mi Power Bank.

Mi Power Banks-
Currently at this time there are two versions of  Mi Power Banks in the market. They are Mi Power Bank Pro and Mi Power Bank 2i. Also there are two variants of Mi Power Bank 2i according to their charging capacity and power back up. 

The two different types of Mi Power Bank 2i are as follows:

1.) For 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro, the price is 1499/-INR.

2.) For 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i in black colour , you have to pay 699/- INR.

3.) The price for 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i  in Red colour is 899/- INR.

4.) For a 20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i, the price is 1399/- INR.

For your convenient, I would like to tell you that you can purchase  the Mi Power from the official site of Mi. These power banks are also available on the other online shopping sites. 

Hope you get the best of the knowledge about  the power banks. 

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Friday, April 5, 2019

April 05, 2019

PUBG mobile new update 2019


Here I am back with some cool and fresh updates in PUBG. 


PUBG Mobile New Moon मैप, लेवल 4 आर्मर समेत कई फीचर्स हुए टीज, जानें क्या है खासPUBG Mobile New Moon मैप, लेवल 4 आर्मर समेत कई फीचर्स हुए टीज, जानें क्या है खास

Welome the Tech Desk of Techy-vikas. PUBG recently tease some supercool features like new moon map, level 4 armour, and many more to share. 

PUBG  game developers also posted some information about this in an official post. In the 27th a update patch of PUBG, new moon map, level 4 armour and a lot of different features were announced to be launched. 

Along with that, developers of PUBG also warned the gameplay experience to the PUBG players. The  gameplay experience of PUBG players is going to change dramatically with this new updated patch. 

Let us know some more features about this new level update: 

In this new map, the players will get the settings of  moonlight weather. They also said that they worked really hard for this mode and this mode will engage all the players. So move forward to know its main features:

*This is going to be the largest map till now. This map will have an overall area of 3,476sq meter.

*A new Zero G feature is also given in this updated map.

*The players will not get any fall damage even after falling in the moon map.

*In the new moon map, jump height and duration will become 10 times.

*The players can leave their foot-prints on the map.

*No weather-cycle will be provided to the players. The player will get darkness in some other side. 

*The PUBG player get a special moon rower vehicle in this new map.

*Moon rower vehicle will help the players to survive in the deathmatch and earn a chicken dinner.

After this update, the players will get a revenge bomb that will work in all the maps. More than that, they would be able to send pre-recorded messages before throwing bombs on the enemy.The players also have the chance to get vikendi exclusive weapon(named Squirtgun). 

The players will get a strong, powerful hemate  in level 4 that can stop a bullet completely. The gameplay scenario is also going to be changed. The user-interface is also going to be improved in this new update. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April 02, 2019



IPL (Indian Premier League) is often called the Kumbh of Cricket in India. It is like any other festivals which we celebrate here. 

With the marking of IPL, there is some good news to all the cricket fans and IPL lovers. There are many shocking offers for the live IPL audience on the ground.

Hello friends, I am Vikas and welcome back to the Sale desk of my blog techy-vikas. 

In this IPL season, any person sitting in stadium boundary can win 1Lakh rupees by cathing the ball with one hand. Wait, there is more. The best ball catcher of this season can win a brand new car


But for the people outside the math boundaries, TV  companies has brought a sale of TVs. This time Amazon brings a new sale and many exciting offers for all the customers who want to watch IPL at their home. Amazon is giving great discounts on many smart TVs. 

In this offer, you can buy TVs of different brands like Xiaomi, Sony, LG and many more. For instance, I saw an offer, in which LG  TV of 32inch with HD display was set to sale of 19440NR with a discount of  11,550INR.

A sony 43inch TV was put to sale for 52,999 along with a discount of rupees13,910. With a discount of 2000 rupees, you can buy Mi LED TV 4C Pro with rupees 12,999. I will say you must look at these sales. May be there is something special in store waiting for you.

Hope you get like the speedy info about this sale.If you liked this post, share it with your friends and family members. This will help us to grow.